Aromatherapy, Skincare & Soap Making Workshops

by Eileen Mallard. Aromatherapist, Aromatic Medicine Practitioner & Trainer 

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Soap making


This workshop is recommended for anyone wanting to learn how to make their own hand made soap at home.  

Once you have made your own soaps with plant based ingredients you won't go back to purchasing commercially mass produced soaps.

No experience is needed to attend my soap making workshop. 

In  this  workshop you will learn  how to make  your own plant based soap from scratch using organic vegetable oils, natural colours, exfoliants,  herbal teas, spices, grains and more.  

You will take home soap we make at the workshop along with  soap ready to use (approx 10-15 bars). 

You also receive a detailed workbook containing resources, recipes and all information discussed on the day. 

I have been making my own soaps and running soap making workshops for a number of years.  I use good quality ingredients such as organic virgin olive oil rich in  oleic acid, coconut oil, rich in lauric & myristic acid, organic  shea butter & cocoa butter,  natural colourings,  and essential oils for aroma.

Where:  Workshops are held in Montmorency  on a Saturday.

Limited to 6 attendees at Montmorency and 8 at other venues

Cost?  See individual Workshop page

Once order has been  confirmed, I will email you with the address and directions.

Everything, including safety materials are supplied. 

Come along 15 minutes early and have a hand scrub and herbal tea

Creams, Lotions & Serums Workshop

Learn how to create your own aromatic skin  care. 

This  workshop is perfect for anyone wishing to delve into the  world of chemical free & cruelty free skin care products.  Business  owners and massage therapists wishing to add products and/or services  for their clients and those wishing to eliminate harsh chemicals and  make their own simple yet effective skin care for themselves,  their families and friends.  

In this workshop we look at different  carrier oils and essential oils and the difference between the two, we  look at dilutions for different methods of application, skin types and raw ingredients.   What  ingredients to use and what to avoid.  We will make some  wonderfully nourishing and aromatic skin care  products that you take home.

This is an interactive and fun workshop and you take home a detailed workbook,  a nourishing face cream (60g), body  lotion (200ml) , face serum (25ml) and compliment them with a hydrating  face and body mist (50ml).

Where: Montmorency on a Saturday.  

Limited to 6 available places

Cost:  $125.00 per person. (including GST).

Once order has been placed and confirmed, I will email with address and directions. 

Bring an apron, everything else is supplied!

Come along 15 minutes early and have a hand scrub and herbal tea.

Aromatherapy Essentials


When  you start your journey into the  world of Aromatherapy it is important to learn how to use this wonderful modality  correctly.

Essential oils are used by millions of people around the world daily and when used correctly can enhance your health and wellbeing, however, it can be confusing with all the different information  on the internet, facebook groups and what friends and family are telling you.   


Where can you go to find creditable information? What sources, books,  friends, professionals do you listen to?  These are just a few  questions I hear from students and those wanting to  learn about essential oils


In  this Aromatherapy Essentials workshop I will guide your journey into  Aromatherapy and help you to gain an understanding of the correct way to  use essential oils.Learn the importance of using 100% pure and natural  essential oils, dilutions %, different methods of application &  more.


You  will make up two different products, discuss, smell each essential oil, receive a detailed datasheet on each essential oil discussed and base oil used. 


Also take home a detailed workbook, with recipes and resources. 

This is a fun and interactive three (3) hour workshop. Limited to 6 available places.  

The cost is $77  (including GST) per person. 


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